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What I am working on:


I Love You!
I Love You! My new toy I Love You! is available for iPhone and iPod Touch.

Babe on a beam
Babe on a beam My new game Babe on a beam is available for iPhone and iPod Touch.

MOD Films
My production company

The Remixable Show
My show

Vision mixing
Live stuff


Detours and Destinations, (2010, Sydney Opera House)

Gertrude Street Festival (2008, The Gertrude Association , Melbourne)

Deviant Bodies 2.0 (2007, CEPA Gallery , Buffalo)

Out Video (2004, NCCA , Ekaterinburg)


Missed (2004)
Drama. Two old friends help each other come to terms with trauma and loss.

Sydney Skyline (2004)
Time lapse of my home town

Fan Dance (2004)
Exercise in frivolous fanning of self.

Extreme T (2004)
Extreme tranny skatepark action

Kindy Royale (2004)
30 second spoof, Winner Ganjin Magazine (AU) competition

The Scheme (2003)
48 hour challenge to make a film titled "The Scheme", the genre "Suspense"

Hello World (2002)
A film/tv/game/web sampler of my live VJ sets

Horses for Courses (2001)
Pan, the god of fields and forests, connects with the world. Winner of the Web3D Art Prize, SIGGRAPH 2001.

Grow Yer Own(2000)
VJ installation/film. A human cloning salesman is on the loose at Camden Markets.

bman (1999)  
Documentary on the Burning Man festival in Black Rock desert, Nevada.

Dancing Stu (1999)
An interactive idiot's guide to the major genres of dance.

Same Sex Wedding! (1999)
A transgendered marriage.

The Last Drum Machine (1999)
Early streaming audio - one take live muzak for the digitally challenged.

'grow yer own'
poster 2000

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